Friday, September 25, 2009

so lets see

ive come to the conclusion that i probably will only blog once a month, and i hate that, but im pretty lazy on this thing especially when i have pretty much everyone on facebook and my life just isnt that exciting lol. im planning on trying harder!

with that said the nursery is really coming along! we need to get a couple shelves and our wall decorations hung up, but the bulky items are pretty much all there with the exception of the changer/dresser which im very excited about! my dad and Berto are gonna make it together so i know itll turn out great and be something were very proud of in the room! heres some old pictures or when we first started gettin stuff put in there...
those are my lovely drapes that i made all by myself! theyre green on the other sideso i think theyre pretty fancy :)

onto the bathroom, some of you know the original nursery theme was set to be Disneys Cars, but as we discovered it wasnt so much baby but made for Toddlers :) sooo i got my monkey theme, and my husband got to decorate the bathroom however he wanted! which was.... Cars lol so weve picked up things here and there, and as i was away one night at my moms i get a text saying hes decorated the bathroom walls... my first thought... oh no! lol how is this gonna look i hope they arent jumbled all on one wall! but MUCH to my surprise i learned when it comes to decorating i cant definitely trust my husband to pull some interior design tricks out of his sleeve and the bathroom walls turned out great!
there are more updated pictures ill have to take but want to get the wall deco up in the nursery first so even if its just a picture blog im gonna post it!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

grandpa... tell me bout the good old days!

where to begin... my next post will be this week, and itll be about whats new and pictures of the nursery ect. but this post is gonna be a bout two amazing guys who i miss terribly especially lately, but more than anything just this past year... i miss them all the time but i guess because this past year has brought so many changes that they werent able to physically be a part of its been a little bit harder.
grandpa. oh how i miss my grandpa! (excuse how fuzzy this picture is! its the only one i have!) theres so many memories of this great guy that i dont even know where to start. the best times were when he would come over in the mornings before i had to go to school and we would have breakfast together, always wanted the same thing. toast and either jam or butter depending on the day, but we would sit there at the table eat breakfast together and he'd say his corny jokes and have crumbs all over his face! but i was spending time with him... and thats something ill be able to treasure forever. when he moved into silver hills and we'd go see him if he was in the chair and we were able to take him where ever sometimes we'd go out in the court yard by that fountain, and we had water fights. remember swimming with him and dallen and jackie when they had that apartment off the free way, jackie didnt get in but grandpa did! jackie just kinda sat there and complained... lol but memories of grandpa are always close to my heart. i missed him at the wedding, and i miss him through out this pregnancy and ill miss him when the baby comes. mostly i just wish he was here to share that big beautiful smile! and those big blue eyes... along with those big ears no one can forget!

i miss my uncle Teni. there isnt one thing i can pin point that i miss the most about him but he was such a HUGE influence in my life that with all the changes and i guess the time of the year his more at the top of my mind than ever. he gave me my last 'fathers' school blessing. and after that year i hadnt gotten one. he gave the best hugs, i miss him more than the world. words can not describe how much i love my uncle teni he was the most giving selfless person that ive ever come across, but in the same sentence he was crackin jokes and making everyone laugh. i have so many memories of going to their house and having him either half asleep in the chair with the golf club aka 'tv remote' in his hand or of him just being asleep laying on the floor snoring his head off! loved his kids! anyone who knew him knew that he LOVED his kids. and to be apart of that family and be around him so much has been a great blessing in my life he became more than an uncle and more like a father to us kids that he would even give Dallen and I lunch money on sunday nights after dinner. would order anything on an infomercial, buy homeless men dinner and make them sit in the restaurant while they both ate and talked, went fishing with me and kissed and hugged on the fish! was his girl friend lucial! hahaha had so more love for the gospel than anyone i know. i so wish that he could be here now, just to give him a hug and tell him that i love him and tell him how much hes meant to me in life...

these two great men have shaped me and helped me become who i am today, i know that with the church and the gospel i will be with them again one day (doesnt make me miss them any less though!) 'families are forever' was once taken from me and left a pretty bad taste. but this past year has brought on a new meaning in my heart that no one can ever take. im so glad to be apart of the family that im in and to be around and learn from some of the greatest people around! i love my family, and i cant wait to have baby zeke and introduce him to every one of you. thank goodness for pictures and stories because even if they arent here physically, he hear about the ones we've said goodbye to and hopefully will get to understand just how great they are!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Floridaaaa :D

So some of you already know that Andrea was going to florida last week, vacation, beach, fun! none the less leaving me to fend for myself for a week... going from being with someone pretty much EVERY DAY or at least textin talking all day i was not too excited for this up coming week. but i sent her off with a hug and a be safe and YOU BETTER CALL ME EVERYDAY! lol so i twiddled my thumbs for the first day then dove into the nursery getting stuff organized and we put up the crib i built the bouncer we looked at closet projects... and the next day (saturday) i got the call...

wanna come to out here?.... uhhh duhhhhh of course i would love to! but i thought she was joking at first... after i realized she wasnt i called berto and told him the news... he wasnt as excited as i was and kinda gave the well we have to do the nursey what about this what about that talk lol after we were both on the same page i booked my red eye flight and left at 12:50 that night. IT WAS A BLAST! landed in Pensacola at 8:30 drove out to Destin and woke up the the prettiest view ever for the next 3 days til i got home Wednesday night to see my Hubby again. the trip was amazing we went on a boat ride, went shopping, saw dolphins! but most of all just had GREAT company :) here are some pictures of the trip.

this was the first night we were here? i think... baby wanted some chocolate so we got a midnight snack :)
this was at a place called Fud Puckers. seems like alot of restaraunts there the thing is to write all over the walls and tables.. kinda cool :) this place had alligators in the front that people can feed and hold all that it was pretty cool just dont get the water there lol

we tried on some hats at the gift stop... needless to say Dee DID NOT want that hat on his head lol and i had to really work to get this picture of him with it on lol

when we went on our boat ride it was a beach and dolphin tour some of the houses there were sooo pretty! and i love the clear water white sand beaches!

the big towers behind andrea was were we stayed. Emerald Grande in Destin Florida i guess its been FULLY open for a year, if your gonna go you might as well live it up that place is amazing! and the views from our balconies were amazing!

this was the view from one of the balconies in our 3 bedroom fully stocked suite.
thanks for Dee and Andrea for an amazing trip! love you both!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

boys will be boys!

So this past week has been a pretty good one. We has a visitor... or should i say ANDREA had a visitor.... D came in town last wednesday and stayed til sunday afternoon so we went and saw him with the family thursday night which was pretty fun, always nice to see people you havent seen in a while! but the real fun came this past weekend! when a group of us went out to party it up at town square... started out at Yard House for dinner while berto was home gettin ready since he had to work late poor guy!
And then on to Blue Martini for some dancing and some crazy characters

and to top it off ended up at Cadillac Ranch where SOME of us decided to RIDE THE BULL yeee hawwww

and boyyy was that a sight to see! berto got thrown off after a while but brandy... she got a couple turns and definitely wimped out on the fall and just got off before she fell hahah. it was a pretty fun weekend and we cant wait to see D again next time he comes out!

on monday we got some pretty rough news our dear friend Pedro, whos really just like bertos brother, had run into some tough times and was up for deportion... not knowing what to do we made some phone calls but decided that there was no where to run and that we would somehow some day see him again :)

TUESDAY! we got a miracle! pedro was released and able to have a second chance at freedom so berto went and picked him up and in the house he came! jail hair cut and all :) were so grateful to have him safe and happy and in our house its been a good couple days and the boys are having a blast at 25 and 23 years old they still are playin like theyre 5 years old the pictures explain it all!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lots have changed!

I guess I'm a terrible blogger when its been a few months since the last post! so time for an update. we DID get married. March 28Th 2009 :)it was a beautiful day! shared it with tons of friends and family and we couldnt have asked for a more special day :) im trying to post more pictures but its not wanting to let me so ill have to do that later.

We are also, for those who didnt know! expecting a baby boy! october 10th is my NEW due date but ive had anywhere from the 3rd to the 16th of october so we will see! but i love this whole pregnancy/baby process its very exciting to the both of us!

The next big thing that has changed is our house! and let me tell you HOW MUCH I LOVE having our OWN HOUSE rather than the one bedroom one bathroom we had before. going from that to our 3 bedroom 3 bathroom two story beautiful home is like a princess castle :) so were done unpacking FOR THE MOST PART and our landscapers just came and did our back and front yard so thats now very pretty. so its time to tackle the Nursery :) Berto is kind of set on Disneys Cars theme but i am having a TERRIBLE time trying to find crib bedding with that theme so we will see. might have to just to a plain bedding with everything else decorated nottt to sure how it will pan out :) ILL LET YA KNOW!

pictures will come soon!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


so were getting married! both very excited. big day is march 28th and i am sooo busy planning planning planning! i have the photographer, cake, churches, dj, working on dresses flowers tuxes and deco! ill post some pictures later and go on with the story just thought i would give those that didnt know a head up that i need some addresses for invites!

Friday, January 23, 2009

sick days...

I absolutely hate being sick. And it seems like this past month thats all ive been haha and im so lucky to have berto here to take care of me! the past two days alone hes changed my brakes, fixed my trunk, changed my brake lights, made me soup, gotten me medicine, and just been here for me. last night and today have been the worst! now my medicine is kicking in but this morning was really cute. i woke up at about 4 am crying from my ears and my throat hurting like crazy and berto just had no idea what to do, so he gets online he looks at home remedies since he couldnt go to the store, he calls my mom calls the officer to see if he could leave and finally comes in with this weird looking drink for me to gargle... now im used to my mom just saying gargle with warm salt water... berto comes in with the best of intentions cute as can be... with warm salt and pepper water :D and at the time i was like your crazy its just salt no pepper but after doing some research this afternoon he was on the right track. i guess theres some cayenne pepper mix for sore throats. i just gargled the salt water he went ahead and redid the drink and i just slept the whole day. and he worked and played with mojo.

i'll have to post some pictures later because it doesnt seem to want to work for me right now. who can tell me how to put links for everyones website on my page? ive been trying to figure this stuff out but uts taking me longer than i thought lol